Time Does Not Wait

Lately, I have been completely stressed out with work and my studies in general. Not only do I have to worry about my 6 courses that include the extended essay for Theory of Knowledge, Written Tasks for English, Internal Assessment for History, and a bunch of studio pieces for Art, there are many other external tests going on as well, such as the SAT. I can’t believe that I am in the position I am at right now, as it seems like it was yesterday when I was still enjoying recesses and being able to sleep at 9pm at night. I don’t know how the time flew by so quickly, and I cant even get myself to think about how it will be like to be in college away from my family. I never thought I’d say this but, I really don’t want high school to end.

I just don’t feel ready to take the leap and become an “adult”



hey so today i was at the vets and i actually learnt something new. If you do not spay your female pet, there is a very likely chance it will get an infection in the later future called Pyometra. Pyometra is an infection that commonly happens to an old unaltered female dog, but can also be found in cats, rabbits, ferrets, rats, and guinea pigs. When an animal gets Pyometra, it can be deadly and take its life away. What happens is that the uterus will get inflamed and a lot of discharge can come out from the vagina. It is not pleasant and can be extremely painful. To avoid this, all you have to do is spay your female pet. Treatment for Pyometra is a lot more expensive than getting your pet spayed in the first place. 

Not only is pyometra is a con about not spaying your pets, but also for male pets, it will prevent them from wandering outside of the house to look for a female animal. Owners that take care of a female pets also will not have to worry about their pet going into heat. 

I can go on and on about what I learnt about the benefits of spaying your pets, but I like to keep my posts short and sweet. So dont think twice about it! If you have an unspayed pet at the care of your hands, do them a favor and get them spayed! 



It was such an incredible experience to be able to work with MYSPY this year. I was in the layout team and  when I was sitting on the first day with my laptop on, I did not know it would pass by so quickly. We made three issues in total and the papers were extremely successful! My friends and I had a lot of fun passing the daily newspaper out to all the delegates, help out the DSGs, and even get to watch some of the debates.Even after the whole experience of being in MYSPY layout team, even the Editor in Chief asked me to actually be in the Beat (the team for the school newspaper). So I’m really excited about that! Last but not least, my sister Chea Mun was one of the many delegates that attended MYMUN this year, and she was actually awarded the award of Most Diplomatic in her committee.I’m so proud of her!!! I’m definitely looking forward to next years MYMUN. 



Happy April Everybody

I have decided to make a post for April because its my birthday month and also my favorite month of alll. On top of that it is April 1st so it gives everyone an excuse to pull a prank on a friend or family member! April Fools’ Day everybody!! I hope this month will be amazing, filled with a bunch of memories with my loved ones! 

Chea Lene 


Badminton SEASAC Thailand 2012

SEASAC this year for badminton was my first and for sure not my last. It was such an amazing experience where I was able to play badminton for 3 whole straight days, socialize with my team, and meet new people. The people that come are from all over the globe such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and even Singapore. I literally met over 20 people and built so many memories with my friends. The competition was intense and the players were beyond talented and amazing. Unfortunately, due to only 7 practices MKIS did not win anything nor were we close to 3rd place. It is okay though because we are all about improving ourselves and doing our best. As a badminton player, I definetetly improved as we won a school that has beaten us before SEASAC. That was such an amazing feeling for Jasmine (badminton doubles partner) and I shared together. I cant wait for next year and being in that environment again.



Badminton Tournament ISAAC.

So today was a very long day with games with other schools in Malaysia. We would play a game then we would take a long rest and be able to just observe other schools play each other. In the end we MKIS guys came out 3rd place and the girls came out 4th. It was actually a really good experience and I learnt a lot from it through the mistakes I made during games. I think even though we did not win most of our games, its not whether we win or loose but being able to learn from your mistakes and play better for future games is what is important! I had a lot of fun with my friends and thats all that matters. The other schools that we competed against us were all about the game and looked very serious throughout the whole day, while MKIS were able to joke around and maintain a fun atmosphere during break times. It really does feel like a weekday and I cant believe tomorrow is already Sunday! 😦 Tomorrow is full time work day, horseriding, and tuition D: 



chea 🙂 

Fun Fair 2012

So as always, the fun fair happens every school year and its where people go to have fun for that sunday. March 11th 2012 was the fun fair day full of games, raffles, and performances by mkis idol contestants and DJs. I had so much fun from 9 am all the way to 2:30pm. I spent the day mostly with one of my best friends Resh after my shift for National Honor Society. The shift I was responsible for was a game where they had to take a metal stick with  a loop in the end and take it all the way to the end without touching the trial… hardly anyone got a prize, and left with a thanks for trying prize. 😛 I had a blast with Resh as we played soccer with the guys (Zac, and Michael), wokie talkie  games with DY and Mansur, stuffing our faces with boost juice, and taking many pictures. I wish every sunday was like this one. 

TTYL with LOVE, 



Stuffed Animal Drive for Cancer Patients


In our school, MKIS, we are doing this drive for stuff animals or old/new toys for kids who are going through cancer. It is such an amazing cause and makes one feel good after donating their toys to kids that really need it. The act of giving someone else your toys that you do not use or play with anymore to a kid that will brighten up their day is so fulfilling. Anyways, the reason why I am telling you guys this is that my sister Chea Ler, who is six years old was looking for the toys she does not want to play with anymore. She would check with my sister Chea Mun and I before donating it and literally almost every one of the stuffed animals she wanted to donate, I said no to. Not to seem like a baby or anything but the ones that she wanted to give away were a few of my favorite animal stuffed toys. One of them was one little yellow teddy bear that had happy birthday written on its chest, and was wearing a birthday hat. I was actually shocked that Chea Ler wanted to give that away and said no right away. I got that teddy bear from one of my friends on my 11th birthday I believe, and the teddy bear itself is attached with so many memories with it. Another stuffed toy was a little puppy. It had a scent to it that made me fond of it immediately. I would carry it around with me everywhere, and even sleep with it when I was a little girl. It was like I was attached to the little children stuffed animals even after I grew up into a teenager. Sure, I do not play with them and sleep with them anymore, but I do still am not willing to give them up to other people.

PS: I did end up saying yes to Chea Ler into donating a few of our old stuffed animals as a gift to children battling cancer. May god bless them. ❤